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Founded: 1999
Location: 4816 Green Bay Rd
                   Kenosha, WI 53144
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We personally give one-on-one financial guidance to the Condo Association in achieving their financial goals, stress free.

JW Property Management, Inc. offers several types of accounting services designed to help assist associations in the monthly and year end accounting of their community.
  • Computer software for timely and comprehensive financial reporting
  • Establish checking, savings, money market, certificate of deposit, and reserve accounts
  • Accounts held separately in the name of the Association
  • Itemization of all income and expense
  • Bookkeeping for the Associations financial reports
  • Monitoring the account balances
  • Check Processing for the monthly Association dues & deposit the dues in the bank
  • Record keeping of monthly dues, special assessments, and aged owner balances
  • Automatic Clearing House (ACH ) payments for monthly dues
  • Process approved invoices
  • Prepare and file all 1099’s to individual contractors
  • Email monthly financials to the Board of Directors. which include actual/year to date budget, balance sheet,
  • General ledger of expenses, and delinquency
  • Detailed owner payment and delinquency record on a monthly basis
  • Collect and post late/delinquency notices
  • Preparation of annual budget to be approved by Board
  • Payment of all bills approved by Board from association funds
  • Assist auditor chosen by the association for tax and audit preparation
  • All assessment and miscellaneous income deposited into association account
  • Timely preparation of reports and forms for governmental agencies including employer tax forms and 1099's
  • Establish and maintain reserve accounts
  • Computerized demand letters on delinquency accounts
  • Computerized history on all collection accounts

If accounting is not required of JW Property Management, Inc., all lease payments are sent directly to the treasurer and account payable receipts are forwarded after review from the management company to insure all work performed is acceptable and billed accordingly.


By targeting your delinquent homeowner dues and developing an aggressive strategy, we can accelerate your community’s collection process, while reducing your HOA costs.

  • Submit monthly delinquencies report updated for the Board meeting with collection recommendations
  • Establish line of communication with residents who have overdue balances
  • Sending delinquency notices and demand letters
  • Facilitating payment plans
  • Preparation of liens and lien releases according to association collection policies – fees charged to owners
  • In cases where legal action becomes a necessary means of collection, assist attorney with collecting debt and provide monthly report on all collection accounts with attorney
  • Assist Board in interpreting CC&R's and codes in order to derive collection policies
  • Assist Board in obtaining legal opinions or action as needed


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