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Association Management Services

If you're looking for great service and great value, you're at the right place! Our company is a qualified licensed community association management company. We combine your objectives and our expertise to attain each association’s short and long-term goals. We have a wide selection of services so the Board of Directors can efficiently and effectively lead its community.

The Board of Directors and Officers of an Association have taken on a responsibility to provide guidance, leadership and direction to maintain the harmony and value of a community, and to see that the residents respect and abide by the Governing Documents of the community and its commonly shared guidelines.

Your licensed community association manager will ensure that the management of all activities is in accordance with your governing documents, published guidelines and board procedures.

We utilize the latest on-line web-based technology, so reports, data and requests are accessed readily, when needed, 24/7. Our systems provide a smooth, swift environment for efficient and effective communication.

Our services and solutions include the following:

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"Our purpose is to provide the highest quality professional services and solutions to assist each client in achieving their plans and goals, with speed of service and excellent value."

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Administrative Services
  • Act as agent for the board in carrying out the daily activities of the association
  • Assist the board in enforcing the governing documents
  • Assist with reserve studies, appraisals and replacement cost insurance coverage
  • Attend board meetings
  • Coordinate administrative services
  • Coordinate annual meeting and election
  • Coordinate meeting dates
  • Coordinate and process rental and sales applications
  • Coordinate with legal counsel to process liens and foreclosures
  • Employ and supervise on-site staff
  • Maintain the records of the association
  • Perform property inspections & issue covenant violations
  • Prepare and disseminate board communications to homeowners
  • Prepare and present periodic property status reports
  • Receive, advise and process service requests
  • Review and assist the board with updating the governing documents
  • Solicit bids for services and supervise contractors

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Financial Services

We provide you with a complete financial reporting system; producing easy to read and understand reports that can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Assist the board with capital improvement planning and budgets
  • Collect all maintenance and special assessment fees
  • Coordinate the processing of liens and foreclosures
  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of the association’s annual income tax return
  • Establish a lock box to electronically download payments daily
  • Maintain fiscal records (receipts and disbursements)
  • Maintain individual unit owner’s ledgers/accounts
  • Manage expenses utilizing the approved budget
  • Prepare a reserve account analysis
  • Prepare future replacement analysis
  • Prepare delinquent reports and assist with collections
  • Prepare the annual operating budget
  • Produce monthly financial reports

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Educational & Technical Services

We are continually implementing new and innovative programs to better serve you.
  • Board of Directors Orientation
  • Board educational seminars
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation Classes
  • On-going manager training
  • Statute updates
  • Maintain fiscal records (receipts and disbursements)
  • Periodic newsletters with current relevant information
  • Web-site creation and administration

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Turnover Procedure

When starting a relationship, the following are utilized to ensure a smooth transition:
  • Conduct a property inspection
  • Conduct a board orientation meeting
  • Coordinate the processing of liens and foreclosures
  • Distribute a welcome letter and introduction
  • Distribute an emergency information sheet
  • Review and verify each unit owner’s account
  • Review the governing documents
  • Review the insurance policies
  • Review maintenance procedures and needs
  • Review the operating and reserve budgets

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We look forward to exceeding your expectations.
And, there is more. Whatever management services your Board needs or wants, we can provide it!

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