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Property Management Services
We provide high quality, comprehensive services & solutions in managing apartments, mobile home parks, RV resorts, manufactured home communities, condo & townhouse projects, office, retail and other assignments. A full array of services are available to you;  our relationships and resources leverage performance and savings, to enhance the property and the bottom-line.

Real Estate Services

Parklane Real Estate Services 
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"Our purpose is to provide the highest quality professional services and solutions to assist each client in achieving their plans and goals, with speed of service and excellent value."

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Parklane Real Estate Services

Parklane Real Estate Services strengths include the following benefits:

  • Experienced & Strong Leaders - Over four decades of leadership, with management experience spanning more than 250 properties.
  • A focus on long-term relationships - Our quality of service is based on professionalism, integrity, responsiveness and in-depth understanding of  the management of real estate. We provide short & long-term solutions.
  • We are dedicated to protecting and maximizing value - Through efficiency and effectiveness,with concentration on market rents, occupancy levels, rent collection, tenant retention, and maintenance  of the property, with the latest technology and knowledge of regulatory requirements.

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Parklane Real Estate Property Performance

PRES presents a positive foundation for property performance through:
  • Accounting - Financial information customized to fit your needs, with strict standards, high quality service, internal controls, and accurate, timely reports. With on-line services, information is available 24/7, providing information when you want it.
  • Human Resources - We provide exceptional support and positive working environment to our team. We attract and retain outstanding employees who are thoroughly screened and qualified to perform at high levels.
  • Maintenance - This is very important responsibility of a third party manager. Our directors coordinate maintenance and capital improvement projects, combining their extensive experience and knowledge to improve assets, manage expenses, select vendors and purchase efficiently and wisely, so projects get done as planned.
  • Payroll Management - Our payroll system is a highly efficient and effective process that stresses operating on a mostly paperless system. This benefits the employees, the company, the client and the environment.
  • Risk Management - We define areas of possible risk for our clients, and develop & administer programs to reduce the negative financial consequences those risks may generate, including insurance involving loss control for property and liability, management of claim and loss recovery activities, and safety and health education programs, including disaster preparedness.
  • Training and Development - Education, training and personnel development programs are necessities in providing the best results. PRES is focused toward on-going learning and development of best-practices to successfully perform for our clients.
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We look forward to exceeding your expectations.
PRES is in-tune with the evolving nature of the industry, legislation, rules & regulations, and is always alert to improve our services and solutions to deliver the best to our clients.

Parklane Real Estate Services

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